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Legacy: Martha

This post is long overdue and I’ve been thinking about it for most of a month. I didn’t know where to begin, or end…so, instead of something comprehensive, I’m posting just a sliver of remembrance and reflection of her legacy.

A woman’s voice cut through the silence of the day: “Well isn’t this a fine row of bishops?” I looked up to see her smiling at me and some friends, sitting by the fire. “God forbid,” I retorted. (more…)


Legacy: Robert

Robert spent a lifetime in ministry. He was a preacher of the Gospel who started preaching at the age of 16. His dad was a preacher, too, who had grown up around the Welsh Revival and its powerful witness to the resurrection power of Jesus in the midst of His people. Robert began his ministry with Welsh miners and after World War II moved his family to the United States and began pastoring a series of Assemblies of God churches. He preached the good news about Jesus for 72 years, raised up leaders, and sent many into the world empowered by the Spirit bearing witness to the Lord Jesus’ victory over sin,the flesh and the devil. (more…)

Legacy: Joan

Joan wasn’t a lifelong follower of Jesus. She was never a regular part of any church fellowship. She never went on a mission trip or taught the Bible to kids in a Sunday school. She lived most of her 62 years apart from Jesus, but was never far from the Kingdom. (more…)