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Legacy: Robert

Robert spent a lifetime in ministry. He was a preacher of the Gospel who started preaching at the age of 16. His dad was a preacher, too, who had grown up around the Welsh Revival and its powerful witness to the resurrection power of Jesus in the midst of His people. Robert began his ministry with Welsh miners and after World War II moved his family to the United States and began pastoring a series of Assemblies of God churches. He preached the good news about Jesus for 72 years, raised up leaders, and sent many into the world empowered by the Spirit bearing witness to the Lord Jesus’ victory over sin,the flesh and the devil. (more…)


Spirit of Truth, not certainty

Note: This is part of a group of posts on the place of doubt in Christian faith. Check out the hub here.

So admittedly, Pentecostalism sounds like a “know-too-much” tradition. Not only do we claim the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, but also in the Scriptures — not only as historical witness, but as personal and congregational direction. And if that were not enough, we’ve the audacity to claim that the Holy Spirit speaks in other ways– dreams/visions, prophecies, impressions, and languages we’ve never learned. It can seem like a know-it-all atmosphere…and for some people,it probably is. It was for me. And it wasn’t healthy. In fact, it was only when Jesus forced me to my knees with the weight of my own questions that I began to know Jesus Himself. (more…)

Pentecostal, not Charismatic

I’ve been doing a lot of this writing on some assumptions that I haven’t really stated anywhere else. Some of that is because the goal is to redirect Pentecostalism in such a way that as a movement, we’re a benefit to the whole Church. But there’s also a lurking danger here, because a number of these groups in the rest of the Church have “charismatic” tribes or streams present. People in the Anglican Church are used to speaking of “catholic, evangelical, and charismatic” streams within the tradition. So, for the sake of clarity, I’m writing to say this is not that. (more…)