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Thinking about Pentecostal Catechesis

So it’s a little bit of a long word, but catechesis is a historic part of Christian faith. It’s how we pass on the faith to the next generation, entrusting the Gospel to them, and bring people into the way that we live it out. Thanks to some great classes, I’ve had the chance to think about it a lot lately, and to read about it (Pentecostal Formation by Cheryl Bridges Johns is a recommended title). Here are some of my thoughts (if it sounds like a formal paper or presentation…it is), but I’d love to hear what people think should be the practices in Pentecostal catechesis. (more…)


End Times Crazies

When I was growing up, I was fascinated with “end times” prophecy and theology. I read all the usual goofs on it – Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, Paul Meier. I read the newspaper, ignoring most local news (because I knew Pittsburgh didn’t actually figure in God’s Great Plan for the End of the World), and focused on figuring out what was going on in Israel (particularly any Third Temple plans), Europe (Antichrist had to start somewhere, right?), and the UN. Increasingly, I freaked out…anticipating that the Rapture could happen at any moment. It’s a common stereotype for Pentecostalism…and I totally fit it. I was a bona fide end-times crazy. There’s good and bad in that… (more…)