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The funny thing about the idea of forming a catholic Pentecostalism is that the opposition doesn’t just come from the established Christian traditions (Western/Eastern Catholic Orthodoxy, Reformed, Lutheran, Anglican, and Baptist), but also from the newcomers to the Christian streams (Pentecostals). I’ve been regarded with deep suspicion for this project by Pentecostals…and understandably, because we’ve had to be suspicious of people who want to bring “lively” people into their churches, but want to avoid the Pentecostal anointing.

This is a short answer, because it’s all that’s necessary: Pentecostalism was catholic from its origins. Originating as it did from numerous streams of the Church (in America: from Wesleyan, Holiness, and Baptist traditions; in Britain: from Calvinist Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican traditions). Spreading, as it did in the Charismatic Renewal to many other parts of the Church (Roman Catholic, Lutheran and many others). The trajectory of Pentecostalism is catholic, and any other direction in Pentecostal churches is a house divided.


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