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The Church is not a Theology

In the past week, I’ve had my heart broken several times. Not through anything said or done to me, but no one who experiences the love of God expressed in Jesus’ work on the cross can help but love the Church. And when the Church fails (she does), it hurts. This week I’ve seen people who will only baptize with a profession of faith suggest they can’t have a full partnership with those who baptize the children of believers. I’ve seen Calvinists say they can’t have full partnership with Arminians, Amyraldians, “modified Calvinists”, or Wesleyans. I’ve seen complementarians and egalitarians both say they can’t have full partnership with one another. And the worst thing is…none of those issues actually has to do with the Good News about Jesus. (more…)


How many bodies does Jesus have?

Crazy question. Of course Jesus only has one body. He took on flesh and will never strip it off. Jesus has joined humanity to Himself, inseparably. Suggesting otherwise would get you kicked out of most Christian churches. Unfortunately, though, the way we think about the Church doesn’t reflect this conviction. (more…)

Pentecostals have to read too.

So I’ve not written anything for awhile. That’s because I’ve been reading…a lot. In the last six months, I’ve read two works composed of Smith Wigglesworth’s sermons, several essays and pieces by Bp. Lesslie Newbigin, Concerning Spiritual Gifts by Donald Gee, and have been working through Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies: a Reader. (more…)