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Legacy: Joan

Joan wasn’t a lifelong follower of Jesus. She was never a regular part of any church fellowship. She never went on a mission trip or taught the Bible to kids in a Sunday school. She lived most of her 62 years apart from Jesus, but was never far from the Kingdom. (more…)


I’m a priest, you’re a priest…we all priests?

One of the defining features of catholic churches (Anglicans, Lutherans, Eastern and Western ancient churches) is a very well-defined idea of church leadership. The so-called “three-fold order” of bishops, priests and deacons is established from early church interpretation of the New Testament offices. Most Protestants go for two-fold. Pentecostals usually embrace five-fold leadership from Ephesians 4. It’s one of the more obvious barriers to the Church reclaiming a visible unity. But what every single one of us has fallen prey to is the notion that ministry is the territory of these leaders. It isn’t true. It isn’t biblical. It’s a medieval innovation that has no place in any Christian’s thinking. (more…)

Big Brother Moments

I don’t really have an original thought of my own. Theologically, liturgically, or in any ¬†other meaningful way. As a catholic in the Anglican Church, I have received the tradition passed on through generations of believers in the past two millennia. In our worship, the Church through the ages sings the same song in praise of Jesus. As a Pentecostal, I know I stand on the foundation laid by apostles and prophets and the work of the Spirit in all of Jesus’ people establishing the Kingdom. So I don’t really have any issues with “borrowing” or building on the work of others. But sometimes, I also have to trust that God is speaking clearly enough in my own heart something for the upbuilding of the Church. (more…)