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Pentecost Now

Today marks the day many in the Church celebrate Pentecost. Ironically, most Pentecostals have never known their congregations to celebrate it. While there’s certainly no obligation to liturgical calendar (unless your tradition and custom expect it of you), it’s helpful for us to remember that day together with Christians around the world, not only in the present but in the ancient past. But it’s not just liturgical Christians that say that…or Pentecostals. (more…)


Women of Valor: Pentecostalism and Proverbs 31

There were probably way too many sermons from Proverbs 31:10-31 today. It’s the one day of the year most churches make sure they speak well of women. Not that they don’t have love and respect for the women in churches on other Sundays…but, well, Mother’s Day’s unique in our American church culture. And while there are some important issues that could be addressed in why it has to be so unique, I think the sermon type is more important to talk about. (more…)

Wait…Two Baptisms?

Alright, so that post was a little risky. Christians throughout the age have stood on this profession: “We believe in one holy, catholic and apostolic Church.We acknowledge one Baptism for the remission of sins. We look for the Resurrection of the dead, And the Life of the age to come. Amen.” That’s the Nicene creed. If you’re in a liturgical tradition, you’re very familiar with it as a standard of faith. If you’re from a reformed background, you know that it’s given the nod of approval by the reformation fathers as a helpful summary of Scripture’s teaching. If you’re from a baptistic or pentecostal background, there’s no telling what you’ve heard. Maybe you heard creeds are evil. Maybe you heard they’re nice if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe you haven’t heard a thing about ’em. Pentecostal orthodoxy and baptist orthodoxy affirm the historic creeds, though…and that statement about “one Baptism” is very serious. (more…)