People of the Spirit, worshiping Jesus in all places, at all times

I had the great privilege of preaching this morning at Trinity School for Ministry. The texts I had the option of working with (we follow a lectionary) were Exodus 3:1-16 and Matthew 3:7-12. It was a great opportunity to speak of God’s plan for His people (a kingdom of priests and a holy nation) and God’s power to accomplish that plan (Jesus’ coming to baptize the people with the Holy Spirit). It was one of the daily reminders that God’s gift of His word in the Scriptures is a precious gift to the Church. We are blessed by it daily. 

We’ve been known to be people of the Bible. Pentecostals, evangelicals, fundamentalists, and protestants are folks who’ve committed to knowing the Scriptures, living by them, judging doctrine and worship by them, and in all things, seeking to be submissive to them…to live in the word.

So it’s no surprise when we read texts like Colossians 1 and 1 John 1 and see how God does everything with His word of power, that we sometimes struggle. We’re trying to imagine the Bible being the way God does what He does…but that’s because we’ve missed something.

The Scriptures say that Jesus is the Word of God. Note, not like the Word of God. Not supporting the Word of God. Not even in the Word of God. He is the Word- always was, always is, always will be. When the Scriptures talk about Jesus as the Word, that is the FIRST definition of the Word. When you look up words in the dictionary, there’s usually a few possible definitions, but the one that is first is the most common use. Brothers and sisters, if we’re going to be people of the Word, we need to see that in the Christian life, when we look up “Word of God”, the primary definition is Jesus. The secondary definition is the Scriptures. The Scriptures have the authority that they do because, under the power of the Holy Spirit, they reflect the true Word of the Father: Jesus. So if you want to live in the Word, learn what it is to live in Jesus.


Comments on: "Living in the Word of God" (2)

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  2. […] Jesus’ people recognize that the Word has immediate application to them. The Scriptures have context and exegetical work is important, but not to the neglect of realizing that the Scriptures are as close and authoritative over our individual and congregational lives as Jesus Himself is, since He is the Word. […]

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